Tools, tools everywhere and not a hammer in site!

Complexity in Policy Evaluation

By Pete Barbrook-Johnson (né Johnson)

Members of the Sociology department, alongside colleagues from across the University of Surrey, have been working on the ERIE project for the past six years. One of the main outputs of the project is the development of a suite of software tools designed to help anyone and everyone make decisions and think strategically. The tools have been designed with government, industry and charity sector activities in mind, but they can be applied to a very wide range of topics, from managing your health and exercise, to understanding how we might better collaborate with colleagues across the University, and even bringing together students to share and build knowledge.

Have a look, get involved…

You can read about and start using these tools at I encourage all readers to take a look, and have a quick think about how one or more of the tools could be helpful for you, whether you are a researcher, teacher, student, work in government, industry or the charity sector, or anywhere else!

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