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CECAN Reading Group

CECAN Reading Group

The CECAN reading group will be meeting again (virtually) on 12th July from 1-2pm.

The text this month is: "Adding It Up: Improving Analysis and Modelling in Central Government" by the Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU), Cabinet Office, 2000.

9th June, London - “Evaluating Complexity and Complexity in Evaluation”

Evaluating Complexity and Complexity in Evaluation

CECAN will be hosting an informal 1 day workshop to tackle the question of 'what is complexity'. Discussions will include;

  • What are our different understandings of complexity?

  • Examples of complexity in policy evaluation and design, and Nexus systems

  • What factors in policy processes and Nexus systems make complexity difficult to handle?

  • Sharing innovative ideas and approaches

  • What tools can we bring/matching of tools to complex problems

  • As a policy maker, how do I know I am dealing with a complex problem?

The workshop will focus on some of the real-world policy case studies put forward by CECAN's co-funders and we will use this informal gathering as an opportunity to plan the wider public 2 day residential workshop in September 2016.

25th May, Virtual - CECAN Reading Group

CECAN reading group complexity

CECAN's Reading Group will be meeting virtually for a discussion on 25th May 11:00-12:00pm, to discuss thoughts on the following text:

"Complexity theory in applied policy worldwide" by Yaneer Bar-Yam. Chapter 11 in the book Modeling Complex Systems for Public Policies/Editors: Bernardo Alves Furtado, Patricia A.M Sakowski, Marina H Tovolli - Brasilia: IPEA, 2015.

If you would like to participate please contact us or follow our discussion on social media.

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