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9th June, London - “Evaluating Complexity and Complexity in Evaluation”

Evaluating Complexity and Complexity in Evaluation

CECAN will be hosting an informal 1 day workshop to tackle the question of 'what is complexity'. Discussions will include;

  • What are our different understandings of complexity?

  • Examples of complexity in policy evaluation and design, and Nexus systems

  • What factors in policy processes and Nexus systems make complexity difficult to handle?

  • Sharing innovative ideas and approaches

  • What tools can we bring/matching of tools to complex problems

  • As a policy maker, how do I know I am dealing with a complex problem?

The workshop will focus on some of the real-world policy case studies put forward by CECAN's co-funders and we will use this informal gathering as an opportunity to plan the wider public 2 day residential workshop in September 2016.

25th May, Virtual - CECAN Reading Group

CECAN reading group complexity

CECAN's Reading Group will be meeting virtually for a discussion on 25th May 11:00-12:00pm, to discuss thoughts on the following text:

"Complexity theory in applied policy worldwide" by Yaneer Bar-Yam. Chapter 11 in the book Modeling Complex Systems for Public Policies/Editors: Bernardo Alves Furtado, Patricia A.M Sakowski, Marina H Tovolli - Brasilia: IPEA, 2015.

If you would like to participate please contact us or follow our discussion on social media.

10th & 11th March 2016 - CECAN Kick Off Meeting

CECAN had its official project launch meeting in March 2016 at the beautiful Barnett Hill Conference Centre, in the heart of the Surrey hills. We had a fantastic attendance of team members and co-funders, getting to know one another and sharing ideas around how the CECAN Centre can best operate to achieve its short and long term objectives.

Through a mixture of plenary and break-out sessions, we discussed the difficulties currently faced by policymakers in evaluating complex social policies, explored the various tools and methodologies CECAN will use to try and overcome these difficulties, and came up with a range of 'real world' Nexus based problems that our co-funders wish us to work upon.

CECAN kick off meeting

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