New CECAN Fellowship! Supporting take up of complexity sensitive evaluation approaches and methods for impact in Nexus fields

New fellowship

CECAN has launched a new fellowship opportunity: "Supporting take up of complexity sensitive evaluation approaches and methods for impact in Nexus fields."

Focus: The aim of this fellowship is to examine the factors that contribute to (or inhibit) the adoption of evaluation approaches and methods and consider what steps might be taken to maximise the take up and sustainability of the evaluation methods CECAN is currently developing.

Over the years the field of evaluation has incorporated research methods and approaches from a number of different academic disciplines. Some of these have been widely adopted by evaluators and evaluation commissioners; others remain relatively ‘niche’ or are forgotten after a short period of popularity.

Relevant factors to consider include those inherent to the methods themselves, the questions posed by policy makers and the evaluation commissioning environment as well as wider contextual factors such as prevailing views on what constitutes ‘valid’ evidence, available approaches to systematic review, knowledge and skills available within the evaluation (and commissioning) community, and the processes through which evaluation approaches and methods are disseminated.

Activities: Could include:

  • Literature review to track take up and diffusion of evaluation methods that have been widely adopted, or remained relatively ‘niche’

  • Interviews with key individuals or organisations associated with widely and less widely adopted evaluation approaches to find out more about processes of take up and diffusion

  • Interviews with or survey of evaluation commissioners and users

  • Training and guidance for CECAN team on engaging stakeholders in new evaluation approaches and methods

  • Report and blog

Expertise required: Ideally the applicant would have familiarity with two or more of the following:

  • Current evaluation theory and practice (i.e. knowledge of a range of different evaluation approaches and methods)

  • An understanding of complexity and complexity sensitive evaluation approaches

  • Current debates around the nature of evidence

  • Different approaches and methods for systematic review

  • The influence of key ‘players’ in the evaluation world, such as the World Bank, WHO, evaluation societies, journals and publishers, Campbell and Cochrane collaborations.

  • The history of evaluation

A familiarity with the policy/research/evaluation environment relating to one or more Nexus sector would also be an advantage.

Mentors: Ian Christie, Emma Uprichard, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Ben Fagan-Watson.

Type: Up to £10k but value for money will be considered.

HOW TO APPLY: Please see our main Fellowship page for details of how to apply.

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