CECAN Short CPD Course Series

cpd courses

CECAN encourages and facilitates ongoing interaction between policymakers, evaluators, researchers, evidence analysts, consultants, social and natural scientists, method and evaluation specialists and others. We are forming a community of practice across Nexus domains that helps shape our work and encourages co-learning.

One of CECAN's mechanisms of knowledge exchange, is to run a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short courses, taught by members of the team who are renowned for their expertise in specific policy evaluation methods:

15th & 16th February 2017 - Evaluating Complex Interventions with Process Tracing and Bayesian Updating - Dr Barbara Befani, University of Surrey

21st February 2017 - Getting To Grips With Wicked Issues Using Exploratory Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) - Professor Dave Byrne, Durham University

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