Carol Brown

Carol is Principal Social Researcher in the ‘Environment and Rural Analysis’ team at the Scottish Government. She has a wide ranging remit, covering topics such as the social impacts of flooding, understanding perceptions of bathing water quality and attitudes to litter. Her particular interests are understanding people’s use of the outdoors and the benefits of interacting with nature. Much of her work involves analyzing existing information and making it understandable for policy makers.

As a government researcher she has been involved in a number of evaluations using different methods and approaches. These include evaluations of road safety initiatives, sustainable transport projects and, more recently, pilot land use projects. She is also involved in work to monitor and evaluate progress towards government outcomes. Carol is a member of the Scottish Government’s evaluation network and is keen to learn about and promote innovative approaches to policy evaluation.

 Carol has worked as a government social researcher for ten years. Prior to that, she has worked in the academic and third sectors, with an interest in public health and migration.

Principal Social Researcher (Scottish Government)

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