CECAN Fellow: Dione Hills

CECAN Fellow Dione Hills

CECAN Fellowship: Evaluation of CECAN Capacity Building Activities.

Fellow: Dione Hills, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Mentor: Prof. Liz Varga, Cranfield University.

A key aim for CECAN is to provide policy makers and practitioners with the use of evaluation methods suitable for complex settings. One aspect of this is to provide a range of capacity building activities, including workshops, educational programmes, guides and toolkits for practitioners, academics and policymakers. This fellowship will develop an evaluation strategy for this aspect of CECAN's work. Since capacity building itself will be a complex undertaking, this evaluation strategy will provide the opportunity, both to gather useful feedback on progress and to put into immediate practice insights and methods emerging within the wider work of the centre. Co-produced with partners, the evaluation will involve:

  • Evaluation planning activities (including theory of change mapping) to help identify evaluation questions, and data sources.

  • Establishing a base line in terms of the key 'audiences' for these activities and current levels of understanding of complexity in evaluation.

  • Collecting data on delivery and outcomes of CECAN's capacity building activities.

  • Regular reporting back in a way that will feed into reflection and further development of these activities.


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