CECAN team

The CECAN team comprises social scientists, policy makers, policy analysts and experts who all share a common goal to improve policy evaluations for the better.

Professor Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey) is the Director of CECAN. Nigel has a long track record of successfully managing multi million pound projects using innovative computational methodologies, applied to socio-environmental issues.

Ben Shaw (Policy Studies Institute) is the Deputy Director of CECAN. Ben has 20 years' experience of working on cutting edge environmental issues at the interface of research and policy.

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Petra Ahrweiler

Stuart Astill

Barbara Befani

Martha Bicket

Michelle Boath

David Byrne

Ian Christie

Corinna Elsenbroich

Ben Fagan-Watson

Nigel Gilbert

Sue Hartley

Kirstie Hatcher

Adam Hejnowicz

Dione Hills

Anna Kaxira

Anne Liddon

Robert Mackay

Alex Penn

Jeremy Phillipson

Amy Proctor

Frances Rowe

Karen Scott

Tabassom Sedighi

Ben Shaw

Bill Sheate

Clare Twigger Ross

Emma Uprichard

Sander van der Leeuw

Liz Varga

Julia Warsap

Helen Wilkinson

Betheney Wills

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